Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Originally from Monday, August 23, 2010 at 7:45pm

ARIT v1.3 uploaded to android market

Uploaded ARIT v1.3 to the android market tonight.  Provided are a few UI improvements and consolidation.  Still attempting to figure how to best organize the disparate pieces of run-time data.  For now choose to remove the "nested category" approach and instead just add a list of buttons to launch each separate activities.  Suggestions welcome on better organization.  The following are my list of notes of what I would like to do in the future to improve this application.
1. Improve logo. Center it. Round corners. Make the background white instead of black to blend into the market background?
2. Fix header of tables with shrink and weight. ( I did line these up a little tonight but had to give up the capability to keep the header stationary while the name/value pairs scrolled. Now the headers for the columns scroll off the screen as well, but at least they line up with the columns.  I look into this in the future perhaps.)
3. Improve sensor output graphics.
4. Improve about dialog box.
5. Make all activities dialog boxes?  Not sure if this is good or not in terms of the overall UI...better to just have one activity?
6. Blog about each release and indicate what online urls I used.  ( Am doing that now ;-) )
7. Make free version have adsense?  Will people not use the free version if there are ads?  Please leave comments.
8. Make a Pro paid version.  What run-time paid features can be added?
9. Make custom buttons shape of an "Android" frame for the respective run-time data?  Purpose? For fun.  For instance the head of the android could be for the software runtime data? and the main android body frame could be for the Build(board/cpu) data?  And the arms/legs/antenna/eyes could be buttons for "sensor" data?

More urls I came across and read and maybe used info from during development.


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